Contemporary communication paradigm requires a wide variety of tools to address the challenges of building a personal brand or to succeed with a communication plan; including analysis, strategy, communication and negotiation, this course was built guided by the future of architecture communication, taking in consideration that the certainties and rules governing so far have disappeared.

The curse will offer participants a wide variety of both practical and theoretical presentations through case studies, lectures with the practical experience of the speakers and different workshops.



Pati Núñez_Barcelona_Jurnalist, Curator and Strategy and Communication Consultant. She is the Director of Pati Núñez Agency, a consulting firm specializing in architecture. She is also the founder and co-director of the architecture and city festival Open House Madrid. Pati has been co-curator of the exhibition "The Legacy of Coderch" and producer of art and architecture films such as “Hello Mrs. Hock” by Jordi Bernadó or “Remembering Coderch” by Poldo Pomés. She works as a consultant for various institutions, foundations, companies and architects. Just published the book "Remembering Coderch".


Other teachers or tutors involved:

Juan Herreros_Madrid_ PhD Architect, Chair Professor of Architectural Design at Madrid School of Architecture and Full Professor at the GSAPP of Columbia University in New York. Founder of Herreros Architects and author of the Munch Museum (Oslo) and the Cultural Center Agora (Bogota) among other works. 

Daria Pahhota_New York_Head of Communications at BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. 

Author of the strategies that have placed Bjarke Ingels Group at the top of the global recognition.

Jacobo Garcia-Germán_Madrid_Doctor Architect (ETSAM), MArch. (AA), Architectural Design professor at ETSAM. He is the author of several books, including Operational Strategies in Architecture. Project techniques from Price to Koolhaas, awarded with the “FAD Thinking and Review 2013” prize. He  is part of the Research Group for Emerging Practices in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He will speak of Secondary Protocols - what strategies must be used when the "Primary Protocol", the traditional way of getting a job fails.

Ethel Baraona_ Barcelona_Critic, writer and curator. Co-founder of the independent research practice and publishing house dpr-barcelona. Her work explores how architecture as discipline reacts in the intersection with politics, technology, economy and social issues.

Angel Borrego_Madrid_PhD Architect from the ETSAM (School of Architecture of Madrid) and M.Arch from Princeton University, he has lectured at Princeton University, Pratt Institute New York, Keio University and ETSAM. Founder of the Office for Strategic Spaces (OSS), office for the study of the contemporary urban space and its economic, social and cultural implications. Director and producer of the film "The Competition".


Attendance profile:

Professionals interested in strategies to achieve personal branding goals.

Students or recent graduates.


Teaching methodology:

The course combines theory and practice with case studies and lectures given by experts from the industry.



1.   Communication and Strategy  (Pati Nuñez)

- Basic concepts: notoriety, image, strategies

- How to design a Communication Plan: Defining objectives, public and messages map, communication channels and tools applied to architecture.

2.   The personal brand  (Pati Nuñez, Juan Herreros and Daria Pahhota)

-  Case Studies – Reality Check

3.   The reality imposes itself: influence and the media (Pati Nuñez)

4.   Secondary Protocols (Jacobo García Germán)

- What strategies must be used when the "Primary Protocol" fails (the traditional way to get a job)

  5. Emerging practices (Juan Herreros)
- Juan Herreros will present his proposal for the Istanbul Biennial "the designer designed by humans" in which he reflects on the need to develop new tools for a critical practice, and some case studies developed at his seminar "emerging practices" at Columbia University on The design of the practice itself as an essential project of the contemporary architect.

6. Dissidence of the Standards (Ethel Baraona Pohl)
The current communication requires new narratives, critical views that question everything we take for granted platforms for reflection on the ability of architects to enrich alter or even put the environment in crisis. An important part of these narratives occurs in online communication, so we will talk about the possibilities offered by social networks and other platforms in the creation of a collective critical discourse.

7. Learn to communicate. Concept + communication: The Competition (Ángel Borrego)


10H: Introduction Pati Núñez
12H: Class Jacobo García-Germán
14H: Visit the newspaper El Periodico
16: 30H: Visit Fundación Enric Miralles / EMBT Study (Benedetta Tagliabue)
11H: Visit Study MAY
15H: Class Daria Pahhota, BIG (videoconference NY)
17H: Juan Herreros Class
10H: Class Ángel Borrego
12H: Groups Presentations 



270 Euros


Academic recognition:

1 ECTS credit elective (students of Grade 2010 and 2014)

1.5 credits of free choice (students ARQ 94)



Spanish / English according to the language of the attendance. 


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Limited places